04 Okt 2023
16:15  - 17:45

Universität Basel, Kollegienhaus, Hörsaal 116

Marion Schulze, Zentrum Gender Studies & Alain Müller, Seminar für Kulturwissenschaft und Europäische Ethnologie

Öffentliche Veranstaltung, Vortragsreihe / Ringvorlesung

Haunting Spectra(micro)politics: Alt-right Memes and Critical New Materialisms

The presentation of Evelien Geerts (University of Birmingham) is part of the lecture series "Thinking through Materialities: Insights from and for Gender Studies and Cultural Anthropology".

schwarz weiss Bild

How can social scientific thinking re-grasp the question of materialities that has long been relegated to its periphery? What lessons from Gender Studies, and in particular queer and feminist epistemologies, and Cultural Anthropology can contribute to this movement? Recursively, what inspirations can be drawn from the know-hows of situated, material practices such as care, crafting or maintenance to rethink matter and materialities, and rematerialize thinking in social sciences?

This lecture series will give the floor to researchers who currently tackle these questions through their work. The lectures are open to everyone interested.

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