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Engagement Award 2018

With great pleasure, we announce that Metka Hercog, Laure Sandoz and Katrin Sontag have been chosen as this year’s recipients of the MDPI/GRACE Engagement Award.

This award is given to researchers from the University of Basel for their innovative research and initiatives or activities in cultural or social engagement in line with regional development. In choosing the recipients of the award, several criteria are considered, including the publications of the team, the creativity of the project and its cultural and regional impact.

With their project on high-skilled migration in Basel and surrounding regions, the awarded researchers aim to create a space for exchange and to inspire discussions on the impact of mobility, inclusion, exclusion, and participation in our society. In order to bridge academic and practical work, they organize public events, participate in public discussions and publish in different media and blogs.

They will formally receive the award and present their research during the upcoming diss:kurs event at the Museum der Kulturen Basel on January 24, 2018.   You are warmly invited to attend this event. Online registration is available here: https://www.unibas.ch/en/Research/Graduate-Center/About-GRACE/Events/disskurs.html