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nccr – on the move: The Migration-Mobility Nexus

nccr-on the move hat ein neues Video über den Migration-Mobility Nexus veröffentlicht.


Eines der am Seminar angesiedelten Projekte wird darin kurz vorgestellt (ab Minute 4:15)

Our work at the nccr – on the move is borne out of the conviction that we should understand how different forms of movement coexist, meet, overlap, and collide, through the Migration-Mobility Nexus (MMN). We have produced this short video to explain what the MMN is, how it is being used by our researchers, and what it is good for.

Three take-home messages:
1) Awareness of categories that we use: our thinking about migration and mobility is based on preconceived and often implicit assumptions.
2) Focus on a specific interplay: we have to be explicit on the meaning that we give to migration and mobility.
3) Engagement with normative questions: we have to reflect on the balance between the individual freedom to move, institutional restrictions, and the collective interests in self-government.